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Signage & Design

Planning an event in current circumstances can be tricky. But ultimately, getting it wrong can make or break your event.


We can help you to create an event the feels busy and buzzing with activity, whilst complying with social distancing guidelines and regulations. Our floorplan designers can create a CAD floorplan layout for you, so that you can maximise event floorspace whilst operating safely.


We can also help you to create a suite of social distancing signage and wayfinding to compliment your event and keep exhibitors and visitors safe.


Floorplan Design

We’re forward-thinking, award-winning suppliers and we have made it our mission to get events and exhibitions open and back to how it used to be, apart from this time with a target zero to landfill edge.

Event Branding

We recognise that sustainability is a hot topic in the events industry, and we truly believe that we can make a difference using Colourspace – Target Zero.

Giant A frame & entrance branding.jpg
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